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Seemoto and Productos Tippic join forces

Productos Tippic in co-operation with Meshworks Wireless to offer Seemoto branded cold chain monitoring solution in South American market

Lima, January 2013 – Meshworks Wireless OY and Productos Tippic announced that they have started a co-operation which aims to provide an end-to-end solution for cold chain monitoring to the Pharma, Food and Transportation industries in Peru with an aim to expand presence in other countries of South American continent.

Meshworks Wireless is a Finnish market leading vendor of solution for monitoring assets location, measurements, conditions and environments. Seemoto branded solution provides on-line access to real-time and history data of assets. Seemoto’s solution entails a combination of novel wireless sensors, polymorphic data, internet services, flexible reporting and information sharing. The company is currently expanding its footprint across Europe and Worldwide.

Productos Tippic will represent Seemoto in the Peru and other countries of South America. Productos Tippic is well recognized provider of cold chain solutions in South America, offering cold chain packaging materials, online courses and specialized refrigerated transportation for pharmacy, food and other companies, dealing with perishable goods. The company, which is headquartered in Lima, noticed an increased demand for monitoring temperature in the South America Pharma, Food and transport industries. By working with Seemoto, Productos Tippic is able to offer high end and flexible cold chain monitoring solutions to its customers in these fields.

Mr. Laisvunas Butkus, VP International Business for Meshworks Wireless: “We are very pleased with the partnership with Productos Tippic. Productos Tippic possesses target group-specific know-how and has vast technical experience in the relevant fields. We are confident that we will be able to present the first successful customer implementations shortly.”

Mr. Alfredo Garcia, Director at Productos Tippic: “Long-term, continuous and trusting relationships are the foundation of a successful company. For this reason we attach great importance to ensuring that the products sold by us meet the demands of our customers. We are pleased to announce that in Seemoto, we have found a reliable and highly competent partner which enables us to extend our portfolio and satisfy the needs of our clients in the Cold Chain Logistics segment.”

For more information contact:
MeshWorks Wireless Oy
Laisvunas Butkus, VP International Business
+370 6987 7754
Email: laisvunas.butkus(at)