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AdConSys Ltd, the provider of Energy services and building automation selected Seemoto monitoring system

The ever rising energy costs create new requirements for real estates. All improvements on energy efficiency create direct savings. At the same time the demands and expectations on indoor air quality are getting bigger due to increasing knowledge on the health risks. The general condition of the buildings and their building automation carry a significant role on both indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

AdConSys Ltd operates in five different locations in Finland and is currently expanding their services. Their Energy Services unit performs measurements and provides solutions for the improvement of energy efficiency and indoor air quality. For that they chose Seemoto monitoring system.

Seemoto monitoring system compliments the already wide variety of services and solutions provided by Adconsys. Seemoto also enables new business models between the customer and the provider of the monitoring service. “We are happy for this co-operation” says Mika Nurminen from MeshWorks Wireless Ltd, the company behind Seemoto.

“With Seemoto we can build a follow up measurement system for any given duration. Starting from single measurements and expanding up to weeks or months if needed. Compared to the traditional single point measurements, the benefits of Seemoto’s 24/7 monitoring are significant. In addition to that, the wireless system is fast and easy to install in to all different environments. With Seemoto Web Service we can also provide our customers with real time view from the start. This way the customer will get much more info on his property, its current state and the way it’s being used.” says Tomi Metsäranta from AdConSys Ltd. Energy Services

Mika Nurminen, +358 40 77 999 90
MeshWorks Wireless Oy, Haarlankatu 1 J 33210 TAMPERE

Tomi Metsäranta, +358 40 4555566
AdConSys Oy, Rasulankatu 9B 33730 TAMPERE