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Metropolia’s Electric RaceAbout (E-RA) and MeshWorks Wireless in co-operation

Technology Demonstrator combines Finnish electric vehicles and wireless sensor networks knowhow

Helsinki - 8/12/2011 - MeshWorks Wireless Oy (MWW), a leading provider of wireless sensor networks based enterprise solutions, and Metropolia’s Electric RaceAbout (E-RA) – electric car project, released today technology cooperation, where E-RA vehicle data is connected to MWW’s SeeMoto service, and thus enables real-time monitoring of E-RA's operation both during driving and charging time.

Metropolia’s E-RA-electric car is a prototype that is build largely by students and it is also approved for street use. The car has all-wheel drive, and each wheel has it's own electric motor. E-RA project has more than 60 partners, most of which are Finnish companies and research institutes. E-RA has brought a major international visibility for Finnish electric car knowhow. In 2010, the car came second in the U.S. Progressive Automotive X PRIZE competition, which was attended by nearly one hundred teams from around the world. In May 2011 the car won the Michelin Challenge Bibendum - an electric car rally event in Berlin, and furthermore it was awarded for the it's design and energy efficiency. In September 2011, E-RA made new street legal electric car lap record of Nürburgring Nordschleife, in Germany. E-RA was driven by a German racing driver, Ralf Kelleners, and the new record is 8:42,72.

"Our cooperation with the E-RA team, will bring the remote monitoring and field testing of electric vehicles to complete new era. SeeMoton allows for a diverse, mobile, data collection from the vehicle and its surroundings. Energy consumption both during driving and charging, together with other vehicle and environmental data can be used to support electric car related research, development and quality assurance." says Marko Kyrölä, CEO of MeshWorks Wireless. "Our SeeMoto environment provides solutions for both large-scale electric car field testing and piloting of complementary services for electric vehicles e.g. charging. Data collection from electric vehicles and their surroundings prepares us to the future of electric cars and related services for the drivers and consumers. E-RA can be monitored and tracked also with Android and iOS-based devices."

"Charge time remote monitoring is an important feature that increases comfort and easiness of electric vehicle owner. It is vitally important to know that the car is charged with a sufficient amount of electrical energy for the travel needs, for each and every minute. In addition, the user needs to get information as quickly as possible from all charging malfunctions caused by e.g. cable detachment, blown fuses or power failures" says Sami Ruotsalainen, project manager of the E-RA team. "The energy consumption monitoring during use of vehicle, both during driving and during charging is very important for the development purposes. There is still too few real measurement data available to show what are impacts of operating conditions to vehicle energy consumption. In cooperation with MWW we demonstrate real-time monitoring and data collection of electric consumption of E-RA sport car both during charge and driving time. Also we demonstrate reporting of vehicle parameters in various travel route and environmental conditions."

About MeshWorks Wireless - MeshWorks Wireless Ltd. focuses on wireless sensor network technologies and business solutions utilizing these distruptive technologies. SeeMoto branded solutions from MeshWorks provide customers with automated data collection, tracking, monitoring, analyzing and control solutions together with comprehensive IM framework supporting networked services. The company is based in Tampere, Finland and it is part of e-Bros Corporation. Visit and

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