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Seemoto is a solution for effectively indoor air quality control. With pre-specified thresholds, you can prevent the deterioration of air quality before the real problem will occur. Seemoto is ideal for offices, housings, day care centers, schools, construction premises and other places. Wireless system allows mobility, adaptability and ease of installation.

Seemoto is the solution also for data center remote monitoring. Seemoto combines accurate temperature and humidity data with energy consumption information and other needed sensor data. Monitoring accuracy is up to server level and information is detailed enough that you can diagnose changes in server condition.

Seemoto enables you to monitor and optimize energy consumption, detect risks for server failures and receive alarms to your mobile phone and email i.e. if cooling machine breaks or if power outage happens.

The system allows real-time tracking of temperature and carbon dioxide values as well as the relative humidity. This allows preventive indoor air quality control.

The system can take several follow-up periods of various real estate holdings, or to build a solid measurement / monitoring systems that provide the limits for crossing alarm, direct mobile phone or email.

The system can be used effectively for example, ventilation adjustment. Improve living comfort and job satisfaction.